Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where Is It???

If you guessed that I'm still wondering and waiting for my dreaded period to show up, you're right. This is ridiculous. NO I AM NOT PREGNANT, they checked that with my bloodwork on Friday. That would have been a most awesome surprise however.

Yes, for the record, I am whining...I am really working hard on not doing this much, but I am today, and will tomorrow and the next day if this period hasn't shown up. Sorry, but I've waited long enough to do this IVF cycle, and I'm ready to get a move on. I'm not known for being very patient and I don't like being in limbo either.

I've been praying alot these last few days. Praying that regardless of the outcome of this cycle that I can accept that this is His plan. Praying that He thinks we're deserving enough of another child. Praying that the rest of this cycle goes off without a hitch. Just alot of praying.


  1. the irony of it all. how when we want our period, she waits. ; )p

  2. Sorry you have to wait (yet again), but it sounds like God is using this time to draw you nearer to Him. Babies are such a miracle and when we get right down to it, I'm thankful that God doesn't hand them out to only those who are "deserving' because we all fall short of perfect. We just can't be. That being said, I think you are an awesome Mommy and the fact that God has given you this desire to add another child to your family...these things keep me hoping and praying that He would fulfill that desire in your heart, however He sees fit (but I would love for it to be with this IVF cycle too). Children are a miracle. They also bring about tremendous personal growth (as does waiting for one or going through a fertility struggle), if you allow that. I know God is doing something very special in your life right now and I'm continuing to pray that your desires and His plans for you will coincide and ultimately you will see that not only is God in control but that His plan for you is far better than anything you can plan for yourself. Love you!!! :)