About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog!!! I'm a 30 year old mom to an IVF/ICSI miracle. We've battled male factor infertility, endometriosis, and hydrosalpinx. It's not been fun, but we have no regrets when we look at our sweet boy. DH is 34. I'm a NICU nurse, and DH is a nuclear pharmacy technician. We both work nightshift and are blessed to have my mom to watch our son while we both work nightshifts. I have a sister who lives in TX and just loves our son, and she is hoping for another nephew or niece to spoil. My husbands parents also live in our area and live to spoil our son. We had a failed IVF/ICSI cycle in 2008-we had 3 embies and all were abnormal (multiple nuclei). We had used a different protocol for that cycle as I had mild OHSS with our first cycle. We are cycling again, and we are going back to the lupron protocol we did the first time around. Wish us luck, and please feel free to follow us on our journey to complete our family!!!