Friday, February 11, 2011

Here I Come!!!

I had called and left my nurse a message, but knew I probably wouldn't hear from her before I had to leave work to take Jack to school. So Jack and I strolled over to the office to ask if they needed anything from me today, or if they wanted to see me another day, basically, to find out what the plan was now that my lovely period had decided to grace me with her presence. As it turns out, they wanted bloodwork and an ultrasound. I thought having a transvaginal ultrasound on day 3 was gross, day 1 is a heck of lot worse, just an FYI.

Of course, having Jack with me made things even more interesting. I couldn't very well leave a 4-year-old in the waiting room by himself, so he had to come into the exam room. I had Scooby Doo playing on my phone for him and thought he'd be more interested in that. And, he probably would have been had it not ended right after Dr. M put the probe in...he was rather interested in the pictures and looked over a couple of times in the general vacinity of where Dr. M was working and knowing my son, I was just waiting for an embarassing, "Mommy, is he sticking that stick thing up your butt or your vagina?" because the kid has to know EVERYTHING. Luckily, I didn't get that, I'll just probably have some completely unexpected and embarassing moment later on in front of a million other people.

Regardless, the ultrasound showed 4 follicles on each ovary (what happened to the other 5 that were on my right ovary is beyond me), the cyst that was on my left ovary last time is completely gone, however, I have a new one on my right ovary. At this point I'm thinking, "I can't catch a darn break!!!" I get my bloodwork done and accept the fact that I will probably be coming back on Monday for more bloodwork and ultrasound and that's ok, heck, what's 3 more days when I waited a full week for my period to show up?!?!?

This afternoon my nurse called and my E2 (estradiol) is 66, my progesterone is less than 1. My E2 should be less than 75, and my progesterone is just right, so I start stims tonight!!!! Imagine my surprise! Seriously, what my friend L said about God and His plan is so true and I just had to come to peace with accepting that I wasn't going to be in control of this cycle. He was. So, tonight I start follistim 75 units, and menopur 75 units. Tomorrow, my lupron dose will be cut in half to 5 units for the remainder of the cycle. I go back in on Sunday morning at 7:15AM for bloodwork only. This will be my first visit to this clinic at another location (my usual location is closed on the weekends). Yay for getting this show on the road!!! I guess we can look for egg retrieval (ER) to be in about 10-15 days!!!!

Please pray for more follicles to grow at a steady rate, for minimal OHSS, and minimal pain from injecting myself 3 times a day.

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