Thursday, February 10, 2011

AF has Arrived!!!

That's it. That's my big news, my period is finally here! Yes, it's post worthy since I've been dying waiting for it since last Friday. It only came in the last couple of hours, so tomorrow will count as Day 1 since they go by which day you had regular flow before 5pm. Yay!

Here is the slight problem. My nurse told me to call her when it started. So I am going to leave her a message and call the main desk in the morning (she carries a cell phone in case there are issues and she is away from her desk) because I don't know if they want to see me for bloodwork or not, and they only take appointments down here at my hospital until 7:30am when I'm getting ready to head home. Not to mention, I have a dermatology appointment at 9am back down at my hospital, right after I drop Jack off at school at 8:30, and I have an acupuncture appointment at 10:15 in Ellicott City. So I'm going to be all over the metro area tomorrow morning, and I'm not sure what their appointment times are at the other locations. Tomorrow could be messy, good thing I'm not having to come back in and work tomorrow night huh?

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