Friday, February 4, 2011

Phone Call #1

No doubt sure to be the first of many. Sonya called and she said that my estrogen was 277, and my progesterone was 7.4. I ovulated. If you're like me you're thinking "WHAT?????? I'm supposed to be suppressed?!?!?!" Sonya said that it could be one of two things. Either I was not suppressed enough, or that I flared on the lupron. Generally lupron is for suppression, but she said that lupron's job is to dump the LH and FSH and that for some people it will cause them to be stimulated instead of suppressed. Oops! So, the cyst is likely left over from ovulation, and when I start my period in the next two weeks to call and we will start stims then.

The whole ovulation thing actually makes sense to me. *TMI warning* About a week ago I thought to myself for a couple of days, "What in the world? I have this fertile looking mucus, but that can't be right because I'm on lupron and BCP's and that's for suppression. Not sure what that's all about." And I didn't give it another thought because I WAS ON BCP's AND LUPRON!!!! Haha. My body is so confused it doesn't know what it is supposed to be doing.

So anyway, my instructions are to call as soon as I start my period and we'll go from there. And here is my small sigh of relief!!!

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  1. Yeah that is definitely confusing, but I guess its good that the cyst isn't from something else! I can't believe you ovulated on BCPs AND LUPRON!