Thursday, February 24, 2011

Egg Retrieval

So it was a rather busy morning, but it was worth it! We have 20 eggs!!!!! I'll get a fertilization report tomorrow and update at that time how many eggs were mature enough for ICSI and how many fertilized.

Pre-op my blood pressure was 124/83. Post-op, my crit had dropped from 37 to 30, and they rechecked it a bit later and it had come up (I didn't get the number, was just glad to be allowed to eat and drink something and get the tylenol into me). I have to say I don't think the tylenol has done much. I'm very tender, very crampy, and let me tell you that the gas I've had reminds me very much of when I'm around AF and have the shooting pains that I have thanks to endometriosis. I've been not feeling great. They went to discharge me, were wheeling me to my van when we got off the elevator and all of a sudden I was severely nauseated, sweating profusely, had lost all color (my hubby commented that my lips were really white), and felt like I couldn't breathe. They took me back downstairs and I was feeling slightly better, they hit me with some smelling salts (disgusting) and took my BP which was 95/78. The recheck about 15 minutes later was 99/80 so getting better and they let me go home.

Before we could go home we needed to pick Jack up, and my girlfriend had him and her daughter playing at Chick-Fil-A. We went in and I was sitting for about 5 minutes and all of a sudden it happened again. She said my lips were white, my color was gone, and wouldn't let me move. Archie went and got the van and we headed home. I talked to my doc, and he said once might be normal and while he can't say that twice would be abnormal it's not normal either. The concern would be bleeding internally. He said some bleeding around the ovaries after this surgery is normal, but not alot. In the fifteen months since our clinic merged with theirs, he's only seen one person with significant bleeding and that person had 42 eggs retrieved. I told him that while I was very tender and crampy, that I had checked my abdomen and it was not rigid or hard, so that was reassuring. He said if I continue to have issues then I need to go to the ER for a check on my red blood cell count and go from there. Needless to say we got home from the restaurant and I've been riding the couch. Still sore, but no more of that other mess.

Thanks for all of the well wishes and prayers. ICLW people-I'm out of commission for today, but I'll comment extra tomorrow, promise!!! As usual, I'll have an update tomorrow!


  1. 20 eggs is amazing!!! Way to grow them!! Good job! :) hope you feel better tonight. Rest well!

  2. That is an AMAZING result. Congrats!!