Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 3 IVF Cycle

So I started stims on Friday evening. I can't say I'm feeling much of the effects of them, perhaps because I failed to decrease my lupron dose and didn't realize it until I'd already taken today's dose and was on my way to have my labwork drawn. It was definitely a "smack my head" kind of moment, and I got really panicky. I thought, "You dumb ass, how in the world could you screw up something so important?!?!?!" I told the medical assistant who drew my labwork so she could note it in my chart, and her comment to me was, "Well, at least we know you won't ovulate early right?" And I thought to myself, are you kidding me? I just ovulated on BCP's AND lupron, and last time we cycled, I had bad cramps the day before my retrieval and I was worried that I was ovulating before they could do the retrieval. We still don't know for sure if I did, BUT, that was the cycle where they went into do the retrieval and got back a few hundred cc's of blood from my pelvis. I am REALLY hoping that nothing will happen before they go in to get those eggs from me.

No worries at this time though, I WILL take only 5 units of lupron in the morning, and tonight, I am to increase my follistim to 100, and keep menopur at 75 until my next appointment Tuesday morning at 7:30am for ultrasound and bloodwork. My estradiol today was 106 (up about 40 points from 2 days ago).

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