Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am officially PUPO. Pregnant until proven otherwise. We put back 2 good quality hatched blasts (ready to implant), and we have 2 ready to freeze and a few more trying to catch up.

I prayed and talked to my embryos as did Archie and we asked them to stick around a while. I wanted to stay lying on my back forever, and while I knew they would kick me out eventually, I decided to leave after my 15 minutes on my back in the stretcher with a pillow under my rear. I am now laying back as far as I can in the car with a pillow under my rear on my way to the acupuncturist. I will then be going home to park my fat rear on the couch with a pillow under it. :)

Oh and there will not be any pictures because Dr. M was wrong and this clinic only takes pics of the transfer into your uterus and to be honest I can barely see it so I imagine you all won`t be ale to see it on a scanned copy.


  1. This is soooo exciting! I'm still praying for you and I really hope we can celebrate some awesome news with some ice cream at the Creamery!

  2. Stick stick stick little ones!!! Praying for a healthy pregnancy with however many babies God has for you!!!

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go little embies--implant!! :) Did they do assisted hatching?

  4. Jen-Nope, they hatched on their own!!!!! They must want to stick around (I hope!). Thanks Leah and Kjirstin!!