Thursday, March 3, 2011


I'm bent. I just walked into one of the room's at work and a coworker asked me how everything went. I was caught off guard, and I asked her how she knew. This person has been through it before too, but I didn't tell her we were doing a cycle this time. Her response to me was, "You know how word gets around here." I said, "Well I'd love to know who said something, especially considering the fact that I didn't tell many people this time, I kept it in a pretty close circle." I'm really not happy. People have been checking in on my blog from Clarksburg, MD; Germantown, MD; Potomac, MD; and DC, and I have no idea who they are, but they could be coworkers. For that reason, I'm not announcing the results of my pregnancy test on here until I'm good and ready for anyone (including work people) to know.

I have the contact info for some of my followers, and for those that regularly follow me, if you're unsure if I have your info, please email it to me at sweetrn621 at msn dot com and put in the subject line "BLOG" so I will not just spam it. I will send an email out to those who want to know our results as soon as we know.

Sorry guys, I'm just bent out of shape and until I know who is talking about us and our personal issues, I just can't do it.


  1. So sorry this has happened, will definitely email you! Take care

  2. Jen-- I usually check your blog from work, so it could show up as Clarksburg, germantown, or Potomac. Our county/school system is huge, and likewise, the server system is, too. My school is right on the edge between Clarksburg and Germantown.

    Might it be helpful to not have the traffic thing up on your blog? Maybe it would help reduce the stress of who may or may not be checking?

    Or, there's a way to make the nlog private, and then just send invites to have people join. Just a few thoughts if you wanted to limit access and knowledge :)

    Be sure to put me on your contact list for results!

  3. Stacy-You're right about the traffic thing, I think I thought it would help me to know "who" was coming to my blog so I could be on the alert if I thought someone from work was, but it's made me more anxious than anything. I was going to try to make the blog private, but I did a search on it back in the summer and could not figure out how to do it with blogger, or maybe that was password protecting posts. All things to consider, thanks!

    No worries, you were always on the list :)

  4. Yikes! That's disturbing. Sorry to hear about that.