Friday, March 4, 2011

Paranoid and d2p6dt

I realize I tend to be a bit paranoid about this blog especially given that fact that so many people at work had issues with it before, and so I am just trying to keep it more private. I think my cousin's comment on my last post is right. My traffic feed is just making me more paranoid. Although it may be for good reason since my girlfriend said she just checked in and shows up as one area, and that area had checked in 6 hours before her and it wasn't her, maybe it's a coincidence and someone I don't even know who checked in. I'm taking my traffic feed off for my own sanity, stress levels, etc so that hopefully I can get through this already stressful time successfully.

That said, if you are a coworker and you are checking out my blog and I did NOT give it to you personally, please keep it to YOURSELF and resist the urge to gossip about it, me, or this journey of mine with other coworkers. Don't just lurk! Comment and let me know who you are so I have a clue who knows about this! Thanks :)

I've been asked how I'm feeling. Really no different than usual to be honest. I had some sharp cramping the night of the transfer and since then mild cramping off and on. Day 9 of IVF#1 was when I started having sharp cramps and then started spotting until day 13, our beta was on day 15. That was with a day 3 transfer, and embryos that weren't nearly as far along as these two that we put back this time. I am now d2p6dt (or day 2 post 6 day transfer; or 2 days after a day 6 transfer) and so if this cycle mimicks our first, tomorrow would be the same time I started spotting. I've been a bit paranoid because the cramping was earlier this time and frequent trips to the bathroom to check toilet paper haven't revealed any spotting...yet. I'm not sure what that means for this cycle, but I can't obsess over it either. What will be will be. We can only hope and pray that God blesses us with another child (or two!). It's still early, my beta isn't until late next week, and alot can happen between now and then (although any implanting should take place by Sunday). I can't really say I have any symptoms that can't be attributed to having a cold or being on estrace and progesterone.


  1. Hey Jen,
    Probably a good idea about the traffic tracker. I know you already moved once because of all the gossip-perhaps you could always go to a private blog? Anyway good luck with the symptom watch!!

  2. It would be nice if whoever shared your info at work would admit to it. I'm sorry that happened to you. Its one thing if people are generally concerned and wanting to know what's happening out of love vs. wanting to know because they like to gossip.

    As for the symptoms...its still too early. I know its probably going to feel like forever until your bloodwork but its actually soo soon!! Praying for you :)