Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I want to test so bad!!! My mother almost got me to do it today before work, but I just don't think I am ready to handle a negative and have to wait 2 more days for results. I called my nurse this morning and begged to do my test tomorrow morning instead of Friday, simply because my doctor's office is right across the street from my work, and I work tonight. It means I have to get Jack up early in the morning on Friday (earlier than I normally have to for school anyway) and drag him into the doctor's office for a 2 second blood draw. My nurse told me I really needed to wait, if I wanted to come in on Monday instead of Friday that was fine, but they've had numbers be low doing it a day before, and then they have to wait 4 days to retest and in the meantime the person is all stressed out and worrying. I don't want that either. So it's killing me, but I will wait.

Friday is going to be a long day. When we did our beta for cycle #1, I had worked the night before, and my mom was having surgery that day. So I was busy trying to keep my eyelids open while waiting for news from the surgeon and I had my sister and husband to entertain me while we waited. That was long enough. But I don't work Thursday night, so I *may* (I say it like that because who really thinks I'll get much sleep before this test?!?!) be well rested on Friday morning, and after my blood draw, Jack will go to school, Archie will probably go to the gym, and I will be sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. Waiting for the phone to ring...I have got to find some trouble to get myself into that day! Maybe if I can't sleep Thursday night, I can sleep on Friday?!?!? I know, I'm slowly slipping into delirium...only two more days of putting up with this from me!!! Then it will be a whole other box of worms we open up!


  1. Can I just encourage you to stay strong, be patient, and WAIT. i know know know how hard it is. However, I really think there is tremendous value in just waiting for the right time to test. it's definitely a test of discipline and faith, but i think so worth it.

  2. Oh believe me, I am not testing. I haven't felt well the last two days which is why I really want to, but I'm too scared to see a negative. I'd rather just have them tell me definite numbers or lack thereof tomorrow.