Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Follow Up Tomorrow

I totally dread my follow-up appointment tomorrow. I just feel like I have no energy left to deal with this. I see my psychiatrist in a couple of weeks for a routine follow-up, and I am going to ask for a referral for a therapist who specializes in these types of things. I feel like even if I don't think I need it now, if this next FET fails or gets cancelled, I'd better have someone ready for me to go see and talk to about this who can help me adequately process it. Archie doesn't talk much about it, although sometimes when he holds me or looks at me, I sense his pain too.

I have a list of about a million questions to bombard Dr. M with tomorrow. I'm sure I'm not the first to come in with a laundry list of things to ask, and I'm sure I won't be the last. I imagine most other infertiles are just as neurotic as I am, and are full of questions about "why", "what's next", "what should we expect?".

Wish us luck!


  1. Hi there Jacksmom, I have been trying to come back to your blog and leave replies to the comments you left me. But the profile does not show the link to your blog and so could not.

    Before anything, I just wanted to say thanks for the kind words you have left me on my blog.

    I am so sorry for the crappy results you have for this last IVF. I wish you Good Luck for the FET.

    I quite agree with your impression of the two embabies that were in your womb even if briefly. They did not take but they did exist.

    I have kept the U/s image of the three embies we transferred in Nov 2008.

  2. Dear Lord, we ask humbly that today's appointment be filled with Your presence and grace. May she and the doctor both recognize that You are at work in this situation. Please bring peace to today's meeting, and gently nudge her heart toward Yours.