Saturday, May 7, 2011


Ok, let's try this PUPO thing again, shall we?

My transfer yesterday went fabulously. We got there yesterday morning, I had finished drinking my 34 ounces of water in preparation. Dr. K came and told us that they had thawed 2 embryos, and both survived. This is what my major concern had been for yesterday since I was hoping to still have 2 embryos left in case we needed another shot at this. Nothing else really concerned me about the transfer, it's a pretty benign procedure, just uncomfortable to have to have such a full bladder and have to wait after the transfer to relieve yourself. The two embryos were expanded (they contract when frozen, so they like to see them blow back up before transfer), and were looking good. I asked Dr. K about the pregnancy test date since my nurse told me it would be on 5/19/11, and I just could not understand why my test date for a fresh cycle was 15 days post retrieval, but for a fresh cycle it needed to be essentially 19 days post progesterone start (which is essentially the same as retrieval date). He said I could test as early 10 days from the transfer, so I will leave my nurse a message for Monday, and if she sticks with the 19th, I will do a home pregnancy test on the 16th, hey, I figure I haven't done one in, oh...about 5 and a half years.

On other news, my friend started to miscarry yesterday for the second time in about 3 months. I feel so bad for her. She texted me as I was on my way for my transfer, and I couldn't help but feel a little guilty. I know I wasn't doing anything wrong, but when someone close is losing a baby and you're on your way to hopefully get pregnant with one...well, it's just how I felt in that moment.

Archie looked at me like I had two heads yesterday when I asked him to go divide my pineapple core into 5 equal sections and then make me a smoothie with one of those sections. He thinks it's an old wives tale and it probably is, but it can't hurt so I'm going to try it.

Ok, time to hop in the shower and get to Jack's soccer game. Hopefully they'll decide to do 5v5 today instead of 10 on 10 which is a cluster if you've ever watched 20 kids ages 3-4 all trying to get a turn to kick a ball... :-)


  1. Hooray for being pupo! Praying for those embies!

    And I am so sorry for your friend's loss. Praying for her heart as well.

  2. Oooooh for PUPO! Here's to a gorgeous blazer of a two-liner on the HPT...and nicely doubling betas and all of that!!!

    I am very sorry for your friend. It must be so incredibly sad. We become very sensitive to these kind of news.

    Good Luck!