Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy May ICLW!!!

Hi to all of my fellow ICLW'ers! I had to take last month off, I just mentally wasn't there and didn't feel like I could handle it. In February we started our last fresh IVF cycle (#3) which went beautifully and perfectly, and yet, it didn't work, and I found this out mid-March. I just had to focus on what I have (a beautiful little boy from our first IVF cycle, and a wonderful husband), and as bad as it sounds, I just didn't have it in me to really reach out to other people.

We moved right into an FET cycle, and we put back two thawed embryos on May 6th, and we have had rising betas this last past week. We'll go in on Monday morning and if we're at or over 2000, we should have our first ultrasound late next week. We're very excited, feeling extremely blessed, and also nervous because we know that just because we're pregnant now doesn't mean it will continue for 9 months, but we pray it will.

I look forward to finding some new blogs to follow, and hope some of you will follow us as well through our journey.

Happy ICLW!


  1. I will keep my fingers crossed for you! This is the toughest time to be patient, but sounds good so far! I too took last month off, same sort of thing, sometimes life has you too down to reach out. Glad you are able now!

    ICLW #117

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Wow exciting times for you too and I'm keeping you in my thoughts for this little beanie (or two) to stick around for the next 8 months or so!
    Love, Fran ICLW #10

  3. Hi from ICLW! Congrats on your rising betas and keeping my fingers crossed everything continues perfectly for you!

  4. I just read your blog a little more and saw you are a NICU nurse in Baltimore! I am also an ICU nurse in Baltimore!