Monday, May 23, 2011

Beta #4 Results

Well, today's beta about quadrupled what it was on Friday. Today's was 5653! It's either one really sticky bean in there, or there's more than one. Up until I got my results today I was convinced that there was only one. Now I'm not so sure. My nurse called and told me that we were done with the bloodwork, I could go ahead and schedule my first OB ultrasound with them for later this week. I said, "Wait, what were the numbers today!?!?" I was expecting 3800, 4100, NOT 5600!!!

I made friends with a girl in our clinic who had a fresh cycle, and was having her day 6 transfer the same day we were. We befriended each other on facebook. Her beta was 1200-something on Friday and was 5000-something today. She had her first ultrasound today and it showed two sacs, but one of them was smaller than the other and may not make it. Please pray for her and her little embryos, as they are both there and she'd like to have them both! Her next ultrasound isn't for 10 days.

My ultrasound is scheduled for Thursday morning at 10:45am. Please pray that how ever many little ones are in there are in the correct place for them to continue to grow for a long 9 months. Please pray that if there are twins, we can get over the shock and begin to make plans for them (and us), and our childcare situation. Please pray they will be healthy and have heartbeats at the ultrasound that will follow this one so we can tell Jack the good news.


  1. What an awesome number! I'll be praying for the best for you and your little bean(s)!

  2. I'm getting so excited for you! Congratulations a million times, and I will be counting down the days with you until your ultrasound.

    Best Wishes!!!!

  3. Hi,

    I'm here from ICLW. So pleased to hear that you possibly have two little ones to come.

    Best wishes for Thursday and beyond!


  4. Congrats on your pregnancy and strong bean! I look forward to following your fun filled 9 months ;)