Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Countdown to U/S #1

Our first ultrasound is about 22 hours away. It is killing me to wait!!! While I think there is a good chance there could be two babies inside of me right now, I still tend to think there is only one.

My appetite isn't great and not because I don't feel well. I mean, I have a cold and tend to be less hungry when I am sick, but I'm not nauseated at all (except if I don't eat for a long time). Actually I take that back. Monday I didn't feel well. I usually get phone calls from my nurse by 2:15pm even though they say to expect your results between 2 and 5pm. So when she hadn't called me with my beta result by 3:30, I was beginning to think my doc was going to call me and say something was wrong, my numbers were going down. So when she called and told me my beta had almost quadrupled and I realized it may be twins, I damn near had a panic attack. Believe me, twins would be great news, but I just expected my numbers to continue to DOUBLE. I found my heart speeding up for hours after her call, and to be honest, I felt like I was going to throw up. It just threw me for a loop. If you know me in real life, and witnessed my first pregnancy, then you will know I think the fact that I'm generally not nauseated and just have less of an appetite is awesome!!! I can live with having a depressed appetite!!! I fully expected to start not feeling well right about now. It started with Jack 9 days after my first beta, and I am 9 days post my first beta with this pregnancy. The depressed appetite is really the only thing I can say isn't normal for me.

I don't feel bloated (would I if I was pregnant with twins at 5.5 weeks? I don't know, I just know that you get bigger a heck of a lot quicker with twins.) at all, I don't feel bad. I'm really tired, but I'm always tired with working nights and trying to maintain a "normal schedule" when I'm off. There just isn't anything that screams "You're PREGNANT!!!" to me. This is why I think it may only be one. I just try not to think about it much because then I get myself worked up and paranoid that maybe something is wrong with the pregnancy and it won't work out, and we can't be having those kinds of negative thoughts right?!?!? So, I think it's just one. We'll see what is there tomorrow, but I'm telling you I wish they could just call you in the morning and say, "Oh, we need you to come in today for an ultrasound, whenever is fine for you!" Instead of me making an appointment 3 days in advance, and twiddling my thumbs trying to ignore the next 96 hours!!!! Sheesh!


  1. i'm so excited for yoU!!!! can't wait to hear how the u/s goes!

  2. Can't wait to hear!! Praying for God's will, whether that is one or two little ones in there!! Praying for healthy little munchkin(s) :)

  3. I'm so excited for you!! I know that twins is scary for many reasons, but I guess I will always be a mother of multiples at heart, and I would be so thrilled for you if it was twins! That being said, there is much less to worry about for a singleton, and however many God has allowed to grow will be a blessing to you. FYI: I felt huge and bloated nearly immediately with my pregnancy. I was wearing different clothes by week 8 and had a very noticeable belly by week 12. :) So, if it is going to be twins, I would think you would feel it right away. :) But that's just my experience. Can't wait to hear the heartbeat(s) update!

  4. I don't think bloating appears that quick...not with singles or with multiples. But at 5 weeks? Not at all!

    I hope that you get wonderful news. I have no idea how many are in there, and my gut says two, but it could also be a singleton with a very powerful beta, so that's that!

    The wait must be excruciating! Take Care!

  5. Praying for you this morning...I'm so excited for you. As Jen said, I would be very excited for you to have twins...for one of my best friends to have twins would be so cool for me. But, having been through the stress of a twin pregnancy, I understand your reasons for tempering the excitement over the thought of twins. I just think about all you have been through and I am in awe over the way God can use less than perfect circumstances to create perfect miracles...maybe even twins in this case (as was mine). So either way, seeing a healthy pregnancy will cause me to rejoice and I know it will for you too!

    As far as the symptoms, I didn't know I was pregnant with twins, but looking back I see how my symptoms could have indicated it. I'm not sure if it was bloating or just my belly growing really fast, but I definitely had something EARLY! I felt like I could feel my uterus around 7 weeks and I couldn't wear any tight stuff by then because I thought I looked pregnant (and didn't want people to know). The vomiting started at 5 weeks for me and got really bad around 6.5 weeks...but every pregnancy is different. My guess is that you will get some sort of morning sickness because you had it with your first pregnancy, so I'm glad you are feeling pretty good now.

    So excited to hear the news!