Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beta #2 Results

I was truly worried this morning about my beta results today and what they would end up being. It may all be psychological (as my good friend K pointed out), but I really have had to use the restroom more lately (which is odd because I don't remember this being an issue until later in pregnancy with Jack). And I really have had more heartburn, but that may be because of stress too, it seems to flare up more when I'm stressed. But those two things had pretty much disappeared over the last day, so this morning I felt panicked.

I had my lab work done at about 8:10 this morning, and my nurse called me at 12:30 with my results. My second HCG level is 653!!! That's great, it doubled in 40 hours, and at this point, I really can't ask for more than that. My doc gave me the option of waiting to come back for my third beta on Monday morning, or I could come in on Friday for it. Of course, I chose Friday. I'm hoping come Monday I'll be over 2000 with my level and we can schedule our first ultrasound to see how many babies are now living in my uterus.

Archie said this morning (with no probing from me), that he really hopes it's twins. I think he's lost it!!! I really hope it's a healthy baby or two, one would be great, but two would be wonderful as well. I think he just has no idea how hard two babies 24/7 can be on top of an already busy little boy. That said, he would really only have to deal with two babies 24 hours a day twice a week, LOL, at least for the first couple of months. Jack is a great helper and is truly wonderful (mostly) with his best friend's little sister who is 18 months old. He gets upset with her sometimes when she wants to play with toys he wants, or when she won't share her toys, but he is never rough with her, he lets her check out things he's got, he'll get her toys he doesn't mind her playing with, and I can just see he'll be a spectacular big brother. I think he'll be more help than anything especially if we have two babies. Shoot, I'm in tears. I have longed for the day where I would see Jack be a big brother, see how he interacts with his little sibling, see how much he loves them, and I know he wants a brother or sister (although I also realize that while he has seen some of what it would like to have a little sister-we play with them almost daily-that when they don't leave how he feels may be a totally different story). God has answered more than one prayer by giving us a chance at having another child in our family.

More to come with beta results on Friday.


  1. Yay for the great beta!!! :) I got all teary reading about Jack becoming a big brother. He's gonna be a great one!!!

  2. yayayayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I couldn't remember if you went yesterday or were going today. I was going to text you this afternoon, but then saw your post. So glad it's great news!!!

  4. So glad you got some good news!! Can't wait to hear more tomorrow :)

  5. Wow!! That's a high number ;) Higher than mine with the twins! Jack is going to be a great help and a wonderful big brother.