Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Final Post-Op Appt.

I had my final post-op appointment today. I got to see pictures of my endometriosis, rectum, uterus, ligaments, abdominal wall, etc. I have lots of spots of endometriosis on my abdominal wall, but none look too bad (this is to me who is pretty clueless when it comes to looking at endo) except for the one on my rectum. It is a nodule, and I have scar tissue (presumably from the last time I had the endo scraped out) all over my rectum and uterine ligaments, and it is causing my rectum to change shape due to the scar tissue making adhesions. So I questioned him as to why the hysterectomy was the recommendation instead of just scraping again, and as it turns out, the scraping would take place at the same time, but in order to keep it from being a continuing problem (with recurrences within 5 years), the hysterectomy is needed. If I decline to do this and allow it to continue to build scar tissue, I will likely face bowel problems, incontinence, and possibly urinary incontinence as well. So...let's try to get pregnant!

I did ask if I could schedule a c-section and have the hysterectomy afterwards, and he said that they only do the hysterectomy afterwards if it is emergent with uncontrolled bleeding-type situation. As it turns out, the 6 week recovery time my mom talked about is correct if you had to be opened up and have the hysterectomy, however, nowadays we are lucky enough to have the option to do this laproscopically once the uterus has shrunk back down to it's normal size post-delivery. He said it would basically be the same procedure I just had in November, 1 week recovery time, but I'd be more sore just because they were doing more inside of me than just removing a tube. They'd be removing a uterus, a tube, and an ovary, and scraping out the endo. Sounds good to me!

I really expected to get another bit of bad news today, but it didn't come thankfully. He said he'll see me when I am ready to have the hysterectomy and good luck otherwise. I placed a call today to our financial coordinator at our IVF center to make sure our prior insurance authorization for the cycle was still good (since it's been almost 4 months since our initial consult), and I'm waiting to hear back from her. Period is expected this coming Sunday, and sometime next week I will start on birth control pills if all goes as planned. I talked to my IVF nurse to make sure there was nothing on their end that I needed to take care of before Sunday and there isn't, they will be expecting a call from me on Monday. I'm excited to get started, yes I said that.

I am excited, but I am also scared. I prayed on the way into work tonight that our )His and our) plans be the same for growing our family, and that if it isn't, I pray that He help me find peace with that. I prayed that if He has a plan for us to get pregnant that it be a healthy pregnancy. Please continue to pray for us on this journey.


  1. I love the last paragraph of this post. That's an honest, raw, and beautiful prayer. I want that for you, too.