Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mock Transfer & Sono HSG

It was rather uneventful with the exception of getting squirted by the resident when the syringe came disconnected from the catheter. I did not appreciate the fact that the resident and my doc never bothered to introduce this chick who was also going to be in the room during a procedure where my dignity was already out the window. Just thought it was poor bedside manner.

I have a follicle on each ovary which is not odd given that I am in my follicular phase of my cycle, but is odd considering that I am on birth control pills. Doc is not concerned unless they put out estrogen, nurse said it could be leftover from my last cycle. I am just hoping that it will not mean a longer time on lupron to try and suppress me better, as was the issue with our first cycle.

My nurse is working out a schedule for me and as of now has me slated to start stims on 2/4. This would put us at doing ER around Valentines day or a couple of days after. If ER is on 2/14 or 2/15 that would put our beta on either 3/4 or 3/5 if we had a 3 day transfer like before. I am feeling very funny about this as it would either mean a great gift for our anniversary or yet another wrecked one. I am seriously considering asking if we could postpone the beta until 3/6 just so we can make sure our anniversary is celebrated with happiness and not tears.

Better yet, I hope we have great looking embros that can possibly make it to a day 5 transfer and then we will not have to worry about a beta on our anniversary!

I guess at some point next week I will go in and pick up a big bag full of drugs and get my shots refresher. *Deep breath*

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  1. Hey! I thought I posted a comment on here earlier, but it's gone. Anyway, I just was stopping by to say I'm thinking of you and this time is going to be awesome!! Also, I love the new design: very cool.