Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mock Transfer and Sono HSG

I am scheduled to have my mock transfer and sono HSG on Tuesday morning at 10am. For my non-IVF friends who may not have a clue what that means, before you can do an embryo transfer, they like to do a practice one. It is basically a speculum exam where they put the catheter through your cervix and into your uterus while looking at it by ultrasound so they can see how far in they need to go to put those little embryos right back where they belong. At the same time that they do that (the mock transfer) they will also do a sono HSG where they will inject through the catheter some saline and look at where it goes by ultrasound. Being as I am down to one patent tube, they should just see saline fill up my uterus, go through and spill out of that other tube. It is really very minor, a little uncomfortable when they inject the saline, but not unbearable. I expect it to pretty much be a non-event, but it is an event in that it is our next step in this process.

Tuesday will also be the start of week two on our birth control pills...that means about one more week until I start on lupron!!!!!!!!!! Gosh it seems crazy to be excited to start on something that gives me wicked hot flashes and has the potential to make me even more moody than normal. That said, I think the hot flashes are what I remember the most, not really any more moodiness than usual.

I will post on Tuesday and let you all know that everything was completely boring and normal...right???

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  1. I hope that everything goes well and I am sure that it will.

    * I am a little behind. I love the new design!