Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Special Package!!!

I got this by UPS today!

I was supposed to start the lupron injections this morning, but nothing you can do when the package arrives at 3:15pm. I took my first lupron injection at 3:30, and I will work it back by an hour everyday until I'm taking it around 8am.

I have an ultrasound scheduled with bloodwork next Friday morning, 2/4/11. At that point we'll hopefully be ready to start stims. This however, will mean that one day, the day I start stims, will require me to take 3 shots, yes 3!!! Geez. Oh well right? After that first day, I think lupron stops the next day and then I'm just on the two shots a day.

There are a few new drugs in my cycle this time. First is menopur, it has LH and FSH instead of just the FSH that follistim has (I am still taking follistim this cycle, however this combo scares me, see below). So this will mean I am on two stim drugs. The thing that freaks me out about that is that when we did IVF #1, I was overstimming. I had mild OHSS, and my E2 was very high. They threatened to cancel my cycle after retrieval (because pregnancy can make OHSS worse). Luckily they didn't, and I did fine, however, OHSS is not something I really want to mess around with. The severe cases the patient is in congestive heart failure essentially and is hospitalized. This is NOT my idea of fun. So I am a little hesitant to take this drug.

Estrace is also new for me. This is a form of supplemental estrogen which has been shown to improve pregnancy rates. The other drug that is new for me is the Endometrin which is what I will be taking instead of progesterone in oil (PIO). The PIO was an IM injection that Archie had to give me nightly after our transfer, and because we got pregnant on our first cycle, we continued this through the 12 week mark to support the pregnancy. The Endometrin is a vaginal suppository. Yuck. And from what I hear, it's all good while you're lying down (which my nurse says isn't even necessary, however, I want as much of the progesterone from it as possible if I plan to get pregnant right?), however, when you stand up and it has melted, it's supposedly very messy. And I have to take it 3 times a day instead of once a day. Great. To be honest, I'm not sure this Endometrin and I will get along. If I hate it, I do have the option to go back to the shot form of progesterone. That too has it's drawbacks (hello, it is a shot!), but at least it is once a day and not 3 times a day and so messy!

For some reason, this time I don't have a prescription for Medrol or baby aspirin. The medrol was something I to take/taking the last two cycles because we were doing assisted hatching and it helps decrease the inflammatory response possible between me and my little embryos. The baby aspirin decreases coagulation factors in the bloodstream that can be increased due to the really high levels of estrogen (thanks to the stim drugs like follistim and menopur), thus increasing bloodflow to the tissue. I have a call into my nurse to ask if this is due to a change in protocol with the switch to the new fertility clinic, or if this was overlooked, or if it is something that perhaps they will write for later in the cycle. My Type-A self feels the need to have this info, although to be honest, it may just not be as important as they used to think it was. Who knows?

Otherwise, there isn't much news on my end. I hate to be boring and not post much, but really, once I start stims I'll be boring YOU with posts about every other day (minimum) to update on my ultrasounds and bloodwork, so enjoy not reading my rambling while you can!!!


  1. I think you mean Endometrin, not Estrace, because I see that in the picture. That's what he put me on when my progesterone wasn't high enough on the crinone with the twins. He likes the endometrin the best and to be honest, it is less messy than the crinone. I would prefer it to the P10 injections because it goes to where you need it (as Dr. M says)....and hey, it worked for me!

  2. Wowsers! I suppose it's time to start mentally preparing myself!

  3. L-You're right, it's Endometrin that is the suppository, but I will be on Estrace as well and I edited the post to reflect that.

    Babyimprobable-It's really not that bad, you get into a routine (prescribed for you of course, and you will no doubt follow it to the T!) and you just do what you have to do. The lupron and follistim/menopur shots aren't that bad. It's basically like a little diabetic needle (tiny trust me) that you give yourself in the fatty part of your abdomen. The PIO and HCG trigger shots are IM and not so much fun, with any luck you'll have someone else to give those to you!