Monday, January 31, 2011

Boring Update!

I took my last BCP today, and I will continue on the lupron. I've had some hot flashes, some nausea (almost to the point of throwing up while I was taking care of a baby the other night at work), and yesterday afternoon had some intense pelvic pain on the right side which lasted about 45 minutes but then was gone. It started off feeling like I pulled a muscle and just got worse from there. I was worried something was wrong, but when it stopped I figured we were good. The lupron and BCP's have killed my weight loss, while I don't think I've gained anything, I certainly have stopped losing.

My next appointment is for an ultrasound and bloodwork on Friday morning. I'm excited to start the stims, nervous that something will come up, you know, like a cyst that would stop us from starting stims right away, and just in general feeling, well...ready, at least to start the stims...I'm not quite ready for the two week wait to start just yet. I have a couple of weeks to get myself ready for that.

To help keep my mind off of the waiting, I just took apart the majority of the blanket I'd been crocheting for Jack because the sides looked "off" and I want it perfect for him. And I figured that I'll need something to keep me busy, why not re-crochet his blanket. I also downloaded a couple of books to my Kindle to keep me busy, as well as this awesome "Texas Hold'Em" game for my Kindle. I had no idea you could buy games for it! This game would be what keeps me occupied while I wait for my appointment time. Nothing worse than sitting in the infertility doctor's waiting room and looking at other couples wondering if they're pregnant yet, consulting, etc. I felt awful the other day because one couple, the woman was crying and the man was trying to comfort her. I wondered silently to myself if their cycle had failed, or if she had miscarried.

So yes, I need to keep myself occupied. Anyone else care to tell me what they are doing to keep themselves occupied, or have done to pass the time and distract themselves, I'd be willing to hear it!!!

Thanks again for following me in this journey and supporting us. Most everyone has been supportive, and some have been downright vocal cheerleaders for us, and we love you for that!


  1. During our times of waiting, I kept myself occupied by doing a Bible study. I highly recommend Priscilla Shrier's "Discerning the Voice of God" workbook. It completely changed my prayer life. Thinking of you!

  2. ps -- i'm a shorty. barely 5'2. ; )