Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Blog Design and UPDATE!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone! I decided I was going to be upbeat about this cycle (if it kills me I WILL BE UPBEAT darnit!) and regardless of the outcome I am determined to have a good outlook on the rest of the year. How I will do that if we get a BFN is beyond me but I will do it, probably with the help of a really good therapist who specializes in infertility stuff, but I am sure I won't need them...right???!!!

Anyway, as my excitement began to take hold of me with this cycle, I stumbled upon the opportunity to get my blog made-over by a fellow IFer. I love it, she did a great job and was so easy to work with, great at communicating with you and fast too! If you need a bloggy makeover, please go visit Aly here!

Now, my period (herein referred to as AF) arrived on Sunday-day 1 of this cycle. I went today (day 3) for bloodwork. It came back ok and I started on BCP's (birth control pills). I know, seems odd doesn't it that I would be on birth control pills while I am TRYING to get pregnant??? It helps with suppressing my body, I can't explain how, but it does and I just accept that (believe it or not I don't HAVE to know everything whether it seems like it or not). Then my nurse told me that I will start on lupron in 2 weeks (approx. January 25th)!!!! I can't believe it. I mean, duh I am doing an IVF cycle, but they never give me dates for lupron AND stims!!! That's right, I will start stims in 3 weeks (about Feb. 1)!!!! If my memory serves me correctly, I was on stims for about 10 days with our first cycle (the other lupron one)...actually, it may not have been 10 really because I was going into OHSS and I remember at one point they had me so low on my stims that they had to stop them because we couldn't go any lower and I ran the risk of my cycle being cancelled, so it may have been 10 days from start of stims to egg retrieval (ER). Either way, I'm thinking we'll be looking at ER about the end of the following week so about the 11th of February. This is awesome as I will be off that weekend and I work the following weekend so I will only have to worry about working one day that next week (during the weekdays) which allows me to be more flexible with my schedule. My boss has been great with working with me during my cycles and letting me switch to other nights instead of taking time off (which would use up more of my time and I'm thinking if I don't miss anytime between now and the possible delivery I should be able to get paid for about 10 weeks off). The problem is that I will have to work 3 in a row right after the embryo transfer (ET). I will call out for at least the first night after my transfer, and depending on how incredibly freaked out I am at that point, I may call out for the second one. Actually, if I have a pretty good idea of when my transfer will be (which I probably won't), I may ask if I can work the night or two before my transfer instead of my weekend, but it isn't as likely that my boss will say yes to that because the weekend is a big deal for staffing.

Ok, I've rambled enough. I'm excited. Lord help me. Could you please pray that everything goes smoothly this cycle. That would be great, I just don't want threats of my cycle being cancelled and all that this time around. It would be a really nice change.


  1. Praying for you! Love the new design!

  2. Wow our cycles are really close. I start Lupron on the 27th and stims on Feb 6th. Fingers crossed for both of us!!!

    I'm glad you like your new design. I love it too, but I'm probably a little bias. :)

  3. Can't wait for more positive updates!!!!

  4. love the new look and new attitude!