Thursday, April 28, 2011

Update and Whine with my Cheese :)

I had my appointment today for an ultrasound to check out my lining, and to have blood drawn. My doc said my endometrium looked great, but I needed to clarify for myself (I'm really not dense, but it was one of those mornings since I had been up again half the night worrying as usual) and asked Dr. M if that meant my lining was thick and where it needed to be for transfer and he said it was.

Next I went to sign consents with my nurse. As long as my blood work looked ok, I'd be starting progesterone shots IM daily this coming Sunday night and transfer would be next Friday (May 6th), but I wouldn't know a time until next Thursday when she calls me. I had to ask if I ovulated if my cycle would get cancelled. She said that that would cause us to cancel the cycle and start over, but that my ovaries looked fine and everything looked quiet on my ultrasound. I asked if that meant that I didn't ovulate for sure, and she said that it didn't necessarily mean that, but it was reassuring, that we would know more when my results came back in 4 hours. I know, I was a little over the top this morning, but I was having cramping the other night, and while she said I shouldn't ovulate on the estrogen shots as they would be suppressing me, I ovulated on BCP's AND LUPRON for my fresh cycle, so I was not really trusting my body to do what it's supposed to do.

Another nurse called with my lab results this afternoon and I did not ovulate (round of applause for my body redeeming itself please).

All in all, this was a great day. I heard what I wanted to hear except for when I asked my nurse when I should expect my beta pregnancy test to be. See, I figured if I start progesterone on Sunday to match up with my day 6 transfer being Friday, I figured I could count Sunday as basically my retrieval. With my fresh cycle, my beta was to be 15 days post retrieval. This would mean my beta would be on the 16th. I was cool with this. However, when I asked my nurse today, she said (thinking out loud), "Well, it probably wouldn't be the full two weeks, probably around 12 days, so not the week after your transfer, but like the middle of that week following." If normally it's 15 days after retreival (so in my case like 9 days post transfer), why would it be 12 days after transfer????? One of my bloggy friends just had her transfer, and her beta is 10 days post transfer!

This is my whine with my cheese so to speak. I want what I want when I want it. This is the first time I can honestly say that this die-hard non-POASer may actually bite the bullet and pee on a stick. I just don't know that I'll be able to keep myself from doing it, especially after seeing how much my self control waned this last time. I came darn close to POAS the morning of my beta at my girlfriend's house and the only reason I didn't is because I didn't think I could look at the test myself and call Archie and my mom. I would have needed my friend to look at it for me, and I promised my mom she would be the second to know after Archie. My urologist made me promise he'd be like the third (in all likelihood he'll probably be 40th) so I could have a kidney ultrasound to make sure I don't start the pregnancy off with a stone that will just get worse and possibly cause complications. I figure it will only take me about 10 minutes to text, make calls, post on blogger, and then call him. :-)

Anyway, a great day in general, and I'm just hoping my nurse wasn't thinking straight when she told me she thinks beta would be like 12 days post transfer.


  1. Very exciting!!! I think we're in the same area--are you a patient at SG? If so, they wait longer than anyone to do the beta...I think when I did my fresh cycle it was 18 days post transfer, or something crazy like that!

  2. Tina-Yes we are at SG. I think the wait time for this FET could be shorter especially since if ER was on May 1, my beta would be May 16th and so I'd do a HPT on that day if I did one. We shall see.

  3. LOL1 I'm witholding judgment about you being mad about those 2 extra days. Especially since i'd probably be acting the same way. As it is I'm really happy that I'll know BEFORE and not after mothers day which is exactly what would have happened if they'd made me wait two more days. So u support your whine, pass the cheese please. :)

  4. I'm at the SG in Fairfax! :) I did go to the DC offices, too, for morning monitoring because I work in DC.

    As for support group information, maybe i'm not the best advisor, since ours is now defunct. Haha. No really, we didn't get very many people out and after a year, I was moving on to IVF and my friend was moving on to adoption, so we took a "natural pause." If someone asked about it, I would gladly start it up again. Anyway, here's the link to our website, which has a tab for Hannah's Hope:

    I'd be happy to send you some of the stuff we used to develop our support group--just let me know if you're interested. Hannah's Prayer has a great support group forum, too!

  5. Yay! Glad to hear you had a good day and that everyhing is going well! I hear you on the whine and first beta is tomorrow (9 days after transfer,) but they won't give me any results until 2nd beta on Tuesday! I tried not to whine...this is just their protocol! Grrrr.....

  6. Good day, indeed! Things are progressing!

  7. Strange about the 2 extra day wait...she probably just didn't think it through. Did you get my message about joining my support group?? I thought maybe you just weren't interested and that's why you didn't respond, but when I saw one of the comments above, I thought maybe you just didn't see the message. Sorry if I wasn't clear...I was hoping you would join it, but if you aren't interested, no hard feelings.