Monday, November 15, 2010

Surgery in the AM

Well I'm ready. I've taken my antibiotic, have had nothing but clear fluids all day, and started the nasty bowel prep. I'm starving!!!! Believe me, all I can think about is dinner tomorrow night, and yes, I am sure I will be eating.

I'm really not too worried about the surgery. If I had to say one thing made me nervous, it would be between my ovary not being messed with, and hoping my hubby will get the answers to my questions post-op. I've controlled the one that I could as much as possible by writing down my questions for Archie to ask Dr. Moro and left room for him to write the answers for me. I can't control what happens with my ovary tomorrow or anything that may come up related to my endometriosis, so I won't even try. I've prayed about the surgery alot lately, and I know that I just have to trust in God that everything will be as it should.

I probably won't update tomorrow (if I do it will be very brief), but I will update in the next few days post-op.