Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Etsy Seller

Ok, so a shameless self promotion, but I thought I'd pass it along that I have a little space on Etsy. You can visit it here. Most of what I have on there is hand-embroidered onesies along with some cloth diaper burp cloths (the price reflects how much those bad boys cost before even adding in the cost of the fabric or ribbon to adorn them, but they are so absorbent that they were my faves when Jack was a baby), and those are samples of what I have done and have currently available. Keep in mind that for the burp cloths-if you want a particular type fabric design, for example you want something with John Deere, let me know that and I will see what I can find at the fabric store, send you pictures, and you can let me know which you prefer. Some designs are seasonal and may not be available, so check with me before you order!

For examples of what I have available for other designs you can visit my other website. These are the things I started making when I was out with my broken wrist (yes I did them with a cast on one arm with no movement possible in that arm!) in the hopes of supplementing our income. I can also do kids shirts, hand towels, just about anything, if you have an idea, let me know! If there is a design you want that you don't see, or different colors you want used, we can work together to come up with something. I'm flexible.

Some of the products you see are ones that I had a design for already, some are done from my drawings free-hand like the dinosaur and the bees, and if I do a custom piece, it will vary slightly each time. Below are a few pics of other ones I've done as well so you can get a feel for it. I can customize and personalize. I think I need to change my shipping, but I have to package one of the onesies up in the padded envelope and take it to the post office to see what it would cost to ship to whatever point is furthest from here. LOL. We shall see, if it is less I will update it on the site. Please feel free to pass it along to friends or family if you're thinking they might like something as well. I don't currently have any orders pending (but wish I did), and it takes me a few hours to do each one, and I'll ship as soon as they are ready. Christmas is coming up so order soon!!!!

This one was done to make it look like a Siamese cat.

Below are some of the cloth diaper burp cloths:

Hope you like what you see!!!

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