Friday, November 19, 2010

My baby is home!

My baby just came back from his 5 day cruise with his Grandmom. I've heard all about the plane ride, the trolley in Key West, the butterfly farm, feeding the turtles (with the bad fish eating the turtle food), Coco Cay, the pool, what he ate on his ship, etc. It sounds like he had a blast. We love cruises!

I showed him my "boo-boo's" on my tummy where I had a boo-boo that was inside my tummy taken out while he was gone. He asked if it was a baby that got taken out. I told him it was not a baby, but that hopefully getting the boo-boo taken out will make it easier for God to put a baby in there for us. He's been very sweet, a little afraid to hug me close because he doesn't want to hurt me, but very sweet nonetheless.

Thank you God for letting him have fun with his Grandmom, for showing us that we could live without him for 5 days, and for bringing him and his Grandmom home safe!

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