Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Fertility Clinic Update

I called and spoke with another person at the location closest to us regarding fees and what we should expect. Without going into a million details, we are responsible for the difference between what the insurance allows, and what they pay, so we should not have more than probably $5,000 to pay out of pocket if we do another IVF cycle with them after the merger.

So, I would need to make an appointment to see our RE, find out what procedures I might need done prior to the cycle (such as a sono-hysterosalpinogram, bloodwork, etc.). I guess we'll make that appointment soon as there is a possibility that we could do a cycle as early as March, but that would only be once we get our roof replaced, and I'm not sure we will be able to do it that quick. I also would have to have my other physician's approvals, and I'm not there yet either. I think my urologist is going to be the biggest hurdle given the medications I am on.

It is all alot to think about, but somewhat exciting and somewhat scary. I am trying to ignore the what-if's that are negative, and just focus on the roof getting replaced and then the doctor's appointments/discussions.

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