Saturday, March 27, 2010

Arm Update

My appointment went well on Wednesday I guess. The doctor said he didn't think I needed surgery. He was happy with the alignment of my bones on x-ray. He wanted to recast me in a hard cast, the problem is that he was concerned that if we tried it then that my bones may slip out of position which would thenrequire either them being reduced again or surgery...

So, we agreed we would attempt to recast me this coming Wednesday in the hopes that my bones have begun to heal and are less likely to slip out of position. If they do, then we are back at square one.

Thank you for all of your well wishes!

Monday, March 22, 2010

So Sorry!

My ICLW'ers will have to look back at last month for my intro. I'm sorry, I broke my left wrist in 3 places on Friday while attempting to do some house repairs and I now have one hand to type with. I have an appointment Wednesday morning to determine if surgery is needed.

The good news is that my husband and father-in-law were able to finish the repairs safely, and I did some one-handed container gardening. After watching "Food Inc." and learning in particular about the food industry and things that the consumers are not told, I decided we will be buying local and organic whenever possible. In addition to that I planted lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, and strawberries in my containers. Our town has a farmer's market May through November that I will be making trips to. I found a cattle farm which uses no antibiotics or hormones, (and while their cattle feed does have some corn in it, the cattle are allowed to roam in the pasture and eat grass as well) and they sell at the market, and she has a chicken farmer who she will be sharing her booth with this year, so we are hoping to be able to take advantage of this.

Of course, this broken arm means I cannot work, which means that we will not be seeing my normal paycheck = hold on paying off credit cards, hold on any possible treatments at this sucks but all we can do is roll with it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Learn to Pay Attention Mommy!

I learned a little lesson today, and it is one I often preach to Jack. Pay attention!!!!

We were having a conversation that we have multiple times throughout the day, and thus, I wasn't paying much attention to what he nor I were saying. I was on the computer, and he was informing me that he has a penis because he is a boy. Yeah yeah, I hear this all day, I said yes, you are a boy. He told me, "You don't have a penis Mommy because you are a girl." That's right. He asks me, "Mommy, what's yours called?" Still, I didn't perk up. I told him what it was, and he repeated it. Then he says, "What's it for?" Before I realized what I said, out comes "having babies and going pee pee." It was one of those moments where something leaves your mouth before you can censor it, and you're holding your breath waiting for the fallout. He didn't miss a beat, and said to me, "Silly Mommy, babies don't come from there!" Oh, Thank God!!!! So I asked him where babies come from, and his response..."They come from your work where all the babies are!" That's right baby! Whew!!!

You can bet I'll be paying better attention!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


There isn't too much going on for me to post about, so I thought I'd tell you about some things that have happened, dream-related, over the last week.

I had a dream about a week ago, that one of my coworkers was going around telling people that I was pregnant and I was so mad. This dream however really didn't make too much sense because in my dream, I looked like I was about 32 weeks pregnant, so how people wouldn't have known already is beyond me. But it was a funny dream, and if it can't be real, dreams will have to suffice for now!

Then when I was at work the other night, one of our unit secretaries, told me that she'd had a dream about me. In it, I was pregnant (I had to ask how pregnant when she got further into it, it's the NICU nurse in me, and turns out I was "huge"), and in labor on our unit in the middle of the hall. She said she had never heard anyone scream like that. She said that one of our other coworkers was having a hissy fit about where the Labor and Delivery team was when they are only one floor above us, and wanted to know what the heck was taking so long. Then she woke up. It's funny because unless I absolutely had to, I wouldn't choose my hospital to deliver, just because I work with all of those people everyday, and I would want some privacy. The other part is that I am a wuss when it comes to pain, so you had better believe I would absolutely not be handling it well!! My coworker did tell me that the last time she had a pregnancy dream about someone, it was another coworker, and that when she'd told the person about the dream, she said she hoped it would come true. This person has a history of 6 miscarriages, and two live children, but she came back a few days later and confided in her that she was in fact pregnant (the result was her youngest daughter).

I could hope right?!?!?

Sunday, March 7, 2010


This is what I am striving for-Optimism. There are a bunch of preggos at work again (it seems to go in cycles, and when you work on a unit with 100 other people, you're bound to have a bunch pregnant at the same time), and I found about all of them within a 2 night period...of a four night stretch. It was a long four nights let me tell you. Another friend posted on today that she is pregnant. Of course you are...I'm still not!

So, while this may be a stretch, it is my attempt at being optimistic. The good news is that of the group that is currently pregnant at work, 4 of them will be out at the same time late this summer. This will mean overtime will be available for me which will be wonderful if we've not hit our goal of paying off half of the credit cards by then. If we have, maybe I'll be lucky enough to be pregnant or going through some sort of fertility treatment by then.

I told you it was a stretch. But at least I'm trying to find a happy side to this depressing part of my life!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Prayers Needed

Hello to my faithful followers!

I have posted previously about my cousin, her husband and their son Isaac, who joined Jesus in heaven October of last year. She is going to have a repeat c-section tomorrow to have his little sister, Eliana. They have been through a lot over the last two years, and she has been blessed to have an uneventful pregnancy this time around, and at this point, their little girl looks perfect. Would you please pray that her c-section goes smoothly, and that their little girl is born safely and healthy? And that during this bittersweet time, she and her husband feel peace and joy more than the sorrow for what they did not get to experience with Isaac?

My cousin has asked for prayers for different things over the last week or so on her blog, so if you're inclined, please visit her site and cheer her on!