Sunday, March 7, 2010


This is what I am striving for-Optimism. There are a bunch of preggos at work again (it seems to go in cycles, and when you work on a unit with 100 other people, you're bound to have a bunch pregnant at the same time), and I found about all of them within a 2 night period...of a four night stretch. It was a long four nights let me tell you. Another friend posted on today that she is pregnant. Of course you are...I'm still not!

So, while this may be a stretch, it is my attempt at being optimistic. The good news is that of the group that is currently pregnant at work, 4 of them will be out at the same time late this summer. This will mean overtime will be available for me which will be wonderful if we've not hit our goal of paying off half of the credit cards by then. If we have, maybe I'll be lucky enough to be pregnant or going through some sort of fertility treatment by then.

I told you it was a stretch. But at least I'm trying to find a happy side to this depressing part of my life!

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  1. That's a good way to think about it. I can't wait until you get to do some treatments! Keeping you in my prayers as always.