Monday, February 15, 2010

IUI possible?!?!

I heard back today from the IF nurse coordinator. She said that our fertility specialist will consider doing IUI if the numbers are right. Well, if it is in our control they will be. I started on Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Honey, and bee propolis tonight, and ordered Fertilaid for Men for Archie which he will start as soon as it arrives. The bee products are shown to be helpful with immune system support, egg quality (perfect since mine is ever declining), anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-viral properties. Fertilaid for Men has been shown to increase sperm count, morphology and motility. It's loaded with things that have been proven to help sperm like zinc, and other minerals.

The IF nurse told me that we would need to schedule a follow up with our RE, and get the regular bloodwork done (FSH, LH for both of us, estrogen, progesterone, etc for me), and that then we could schedule another semen analysis, and I would probably need another HSG since it's been about a year. The Fertilaid takes about 2-3 months for optimal results because sperm production takes about that long. So, my plan is to make the appointment after Archie has been on the Fertilaid for about a month. Hopefully the appointment we get will be about a few weeks after that. Then by the time he schedules his testing, he should be right around the 2 month mark of taking the supplements. We can go from there.

Hopefully things will look better for both of us, and our doctor will give us the go ahead to try IUI a few times. With any luck, we'll get pregnant.


  1. Good luck, all of those plans sound great. I didn't know that about the bee products, although I had heard of Fertilaid.
    Hoping it all works for you and your tests are clear :)

  2. HI! I found your blog through Facebook. I just wanted to tell you that I am a firm believer in drinking whole milk (ugh!) and green tea (but not together). We had 3 unsuccessful cycles until I started having whole milk on my morning cereal instead of skim. Also, drinking decaf green tea every day is yummy, even if it doesn't work. After the milk and tea switch, our 4th cycle was (exceptionally) successful, as you know. Good luck and I'm thinking of you!


  4. You are going to kick infertility's butt another time I'm sure. :) Wanted to write that to someone nsince I read it. Hehe