Sunday, February 7, 2010


I HATE commercials. HATE THEM. So does my husband. We dislike them so much that we will actually watch other shows we've recorded while one that we want to see is recording rather than watch it right then, and have to suffer through commercials. That is the beauty of a DVR. Fast forward. I love that!

Anyway, the only commercials I do make a habit to watch are the ones during Super Bowl. The advertisers spend tons of money to have their commercials seen during one of the biggest tv events every year, and the best ones are funny.

Which brings me to my vote for the Super Bowl commercial I liked best this year...

And my runner up vote would be for this other Doritos commercial...

We are big animal lovers in our family. We have a greyhound, and we just got Jack a beta fish which he has named "Nemo" despite the fact that our "Nemo" is not a clown fish. Jack has always been very attracted to fish and birds and I honestly believe this comes from my in-laws love of those two things. We always had dogs in our house growing up. We love them, and all different breeds, we're not picky. There are some things we do with our pets, to our pets, and I often wonder what those animals would do, think or say if they had the ability to do so. This guy was just stupid. Why try to torture that poor pup making him "speak" so you can watch him get shocked?!?!? He so deserved what he got!!! That is why the first commercial is my favorite this year.

The second commercial is just funny. Guy shows up for a date with a good looking girl, she's got a kid. Guy meets kid. Probably thought he'd find some common ground, get a good vibe going with the kid, make the kid like him. Evidently this kid never learned how to share. Not his doritos and for sure, he's protective of his mom. Just a funny commercial and I never saw it coming, so it gets my vote for runner up because of the shock factor, the humor, and the boy who loves his food and his momma.

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