Saturday, June 11, 2011

3rd Ultrasound Results-7 weeks 5 days

I am happy to report that we have one strong bean growing in there. Unlike Jack at this point, the baby is growing a little ahead of schedule (measuring in at 8 weeks this time), where Jack was a little behind schedule by a couple of days. I think it's interesting because while I'm nauseous most of the time with this pregnancy, at this point in my pregnancy with Jack I was throwing up 5-6 times a day. I have yet to do it this pregnancy, but yesterday I came damn close a couple of times.

The baby's heartbeat is clocking in at 153 beats per minute which is perfect. We told Jack yesterday afternoon, and didn't quite get the response we were expecting given as much as he's been talking/asking about a baby, but hey, he's four. Despite not getting the reaction we expected, you could tell he was excited by the way he was bouncing off walls at our celebration dinner last night, and the questions that kept coming about the baby, the constant attempts to kiss the baby through my tummy, etc. throughout the evening. So what I will share on video of me reading the letter "from the baby", and Jack opening his first big brother gift is only the tip of the iceberg. When Archie turned the camera off, Jack was more excited. Guess he felt pressure with the camera on.

Our doc did look to see if he could see a reason for the spotting. He found an area at the bottom of my uterus where he said may be causing it, but that everything around the baby, where the placenta seemed to be starting, etc., all seemed ok and intact. So I can't be happier about that, the spotting seems to just be an annoyance vs. a problem.

Our first OB appointment I explained in a previous post, I had scheduled for this coming Wednesday expecting to be released from the RE. I will have one more ultrasound next Friday at 11:30am and if everything is good, I'll "graduate" as my RE put it, to our OB. The OB's office was closed when we left our ultrasound yesterday, so I'll have to call Monday to reschedule.

Here is the video. And by the way, after the camera was off, he did put the shirt on.

And just so you know, the cat isn't out of the bag at work yet still. I'm still not posting the news to facebook either. I figure when I throw up at work, or it becomes obvious, they'll know. Maybe I can keep it quiet at work until the first trimester is over at least. We'll see.


  1. I laughed again today when I watched this video! He is just so funny- and such a four year old! I got a kick out of the video.

  2. Can't watch the video. Stupid firewall thing in the office.

    I am so glad Bean is doing well...just so glad about it.

    Take Care and Stay Good.