Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Step Closer

Oh my goodness I am freaking out. In the process of calling to make Jack's 4 year pediatrician appointment, my urology appointment, etc. for this fall and winter, I figured I'd better make my appointment with my fertility doc. My thought on this was that it would take a few weeks for us to get in. So you can imagine my surprise when the receptionist asked if we could come in tomorrow at 11:30. "Oh my God!" was what flew out of my mouth. I just wasn't expecting that and I'm not ready! I thought I'd have another month to mentally prepare myself for the appointment. Going back to the office, seeing my fertility doc is going to bring back alot of mixed feelings (not necessarily good ones) and even thinking about it makes me anxious and want to cry. I looked over at Archie and asked, "Um, does tomorrow work for you." His response? "Oh my God!" LOL. Lucky for me, it's his 34th birthday tomorrow and he's going golfing with some buddies, so I have a week to prepare myself for that appointment. Don't get me wrong, we totally want another child, I just dread the appointment, getting started again, and unfortunately getting started again means talking about what went wrong last time, and that's hard for me.

Our appt is now next Thursday.

I just keep telling myself to breathe.


  1. Next Tuesday will be here before you know it!

  2. How wonderful you could get in sooner!! Hoping the appt is not too emotional and you get good news about moving forward :)

  3. How awesome ;)
    Hoping this is a sign of great things to come ;)

    I had missed keeping up with you, glad to see everything is good with the Family ;)