Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jack is Moving On

I'm not sure who is more sad today. It is Jack's last day of the preschool that he has been attending for the last 19 months. We didn't want to send him to school at two, and while he was making progress with his speech teacher, we felt like he could use some incentive. There aren't many kids his age in our neighborhood, and we had playdates with my friends and their little ones, but our schedules are really hard to get regular dates going. So we decided to put him in preschool 2 days a week at first, and after his third birthday we moved up to 3 days a week.

He loves school, his friends, and his teachers. He loves their playground, riding bikes in the gym on rainy days, circle time, and the climber inside. He has learned so much like things I was trying to teach him before he ever started school-colors, shapes, etc., and more. According to his teachers, he is everyone's friend and that is rare.

Jack will be staying home with us for the next couple of weeks. We will be taking shifts with him again just like we do on his days off of school, and one of those weeks we will be at the beach for 5 days. He will start at his new preschool the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Last night I reminded Jack that today was going to be his last day at that school. He wanted to know why. I simply told him that he was going to go to a school that had big kids too. I think he was more concerned about these next couple of weeks where he won't be in school at all. My plan is to do some day trips, and just find some fun things to do outside the house. Maybe make some plans with friends if we can coordinate our schedules. Maybe spend more time at the pool before summer is over.

He was excited to go shopping for his new backpack and lunch bag, and to pick up other school supplies he needs. I think he will do fine in the new school. His teachers this morning kept saying that they would miss him, and that he was a very special boy. They kept telling me that if things don't work out at the other school, he's welcome to come back. And that even if things did work out and he needed to do a drop in day for whatever reason he could come back for that too. The teacher he had when he was two I think will miss him the most, and the same can be said for Jack missing her. He really likes Miss Nicole. Lucky for us she babysits, and we have her phone number in case we need her.

I just hope he makes friends as easily at the new school as he did at this one. I hope his new friends are as good of an influence as the kids at this old school were. I have some hesitations about the new school, but I did when we started at the old one too. Hopefully it will all pan out and work out for the best for everyone.


  1. It's so great that he loves school so much. Today may be tough for him, but I am sure that he will enjoy more time with the family the next couple of weeks. I bet he will have no trouble meeting friends at his new school!

  2. Just make sure that he is able to keep in contact and have play dates with his favorite friends from the old school. He is such a resilient and easy going boy i dont think he will have any trouble at all in the new school making friends!