Sunday, July 11, 2010


I saw my doctor on July 2nd-he cleared me to go back to work full-duty on the 9th! So, Monday night I will be back to my regular job taking care of little babies again! I asked how much range of motion I can expect to get back in my wrist, and he said 80-90% and it will take 12-18 months to really know how much I will get back. He said waiting for it to get better will be like watching grass grow. I'll bet. In the meantime I remain in PT 3 days a week until he thinks I am strong enough to go.

I now have 12 coworkers who are pregnant. I'm happy for them, but praying, wishing, and hoping for it in my own world. That's all I will say about that.

My friend L's c-section is scheduled in just 9 more days! She is now 36 weeks (almost 37), and her babies will be here so soon. I'm so excited for her!

Now that I will be back to full duty, I can begin to pick up overtime. I've signed up for a few shifts at work and through the agency, but they are not guaranteed. I've considered applying for a per-diem job at another hospital, but I have no idea what their weekend and holiday commitments are. I already work every third weekend, and every other holiday at my regular job. Most per-diem positions I've seen have some sort of commitment, whether it be one weekend a month, or one summer, one winter holiday a year. I do not want to have to be away from my family when my husband is off of work even more than I already am, and I most certainly do not want to work yet more holidays. This is where doing agency is nice-you don't have that commitment, you just don't sign up for those shifts. Per-diem shifts also are not guaranteed-you are the first to be cancelled because you're paid more than regular staff. I've been offered a position doing phone triage nursing. They want me to take calls from parents calling pediatricians after hours from 11pm to 10:30am. The pay isn't great, but if I can stay home and take calls, it might be worth the extra money. I just am not sure how it will work on days when I have to get Jack up for school, get showered, etc., when calls are coming in. And during the summer when less people are sick, I may only get a few calls a night, and in the winter, it could be non-stop. I figure I can try it, and if I hate it, I can quit. I hate going into it with that attitude, but it's an unknown. All I know is that I need the extra money to get our finances back to where they should be, and then get together the copay for another IVF cycle. There are lots of little things I need to take care of before we can even concentrate on saving for that. Things like my spare tire that has a nail in it which means that it needs to be replaced because they can't fix donuts. None of our electrical outside seems to work, so we need an electrician to come out and take a look at that. Lots of little things like that need to be taken care of.

I think that's all I have in the way of updates. If you'd please keep L and her family in your thoughts and prayers as D day approaches that everyone would be healthy, and that there be no complications with delivery, that would be great. For us, if you could just pray that I get the extra shifts to take care of our "little things" so we can move onto a bigger thing, we'd really appreciate that. We know that God will provide and we just continue to pray for that.

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  1. This is great news! Things are finally moving forward, even if a bit slowly. I'm hoping that the job issue sorts itself out so you can hop back on the IVF crazy train soon. Mine is almost here-definitely August. AAAAgggh! I know it's hard to be around so many preggos, but so am I. Hang in there, we can get through this together! (((HUGS)))