Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day 2010!

I just wanted to say Happy Father's Day to my husband. God knows it's been a long and trying 5 years with many ups and downs, but the best part of us is in a little 3 year old boy. Thank God we were blessed with him. As much as we want a second little one, if it never happened, we would find a happy place and feel more then blessed that we were given one child to enjoy. Archie was really worried when we were diagnosed with infertility (on each of our parts) that he had failed me as a husband and wouldn't be able to give me the one thing I wanted most-a child. Luckily with alot of prayer, and some advanced fertility treatments with a great doc, we had our little boy.

Archie has kept the fort down for the last few months. I've been limited on alot of things I could do physically with one arm and a severe restriction on what I can lift. He's cooked most of the meals (no Mom, not all of them), done alot of the day to day cleaning, helped me garden, made lunches for our son for school the next day, taken over giving Jack's baths, etc. He has been awesome about it (who wouldn't get a little testy from time to time with all those demands).

Jack couldn't have a better dad. Jack is definitely a mama's boy, but he and Archie have a very special bond as well. Jack seeks me for snuggles, loving, and low key playing, and he goes to his dad for rough housing, crazy playing, and the rest of the loving he craves. Archie is a great dad. I'm so glad he's also my husband.

We love you baby. Happy Father's Day!!!

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