Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hi all!

So I started this new blog because my last one it turns out was circulating around work, and I had not mentioned names of people, but had described my relationships with them and in an effort to be a little more careful so that I can feel like I can openly discuss my feelings and not have EVERYONE there know my business, I've moved. I don't mind people from this blog looking back at that one, but I do mind some of the coworkers reading this one. If you happen to be one of my few friends at work that I have shared this new blog with, please be careful to delete it from the history on work computers, or just check it from home. I work on a unit of about 104 people, and I heard that about roughly half have been checking up on it. Hence, my new blog. Welcome!

In case you are just now finding my blog, here is some back story. Originally I started blogging after we had a hellacious IVF cycle early last year. We had done a different protocol than we had originally when first cycled. Our first IVF/ICSI cycle was a lupron protocol. This last one we tried the Antagonist protocol because our fertility doctor felt that they could more easily control my risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) with it. With our first cycle we had 18 eggs retrieved, 11 were mature enough for ICSI, and 8 fertilized. We put two embryos back on day 3, and let the rest grow until day 5 hoping for some blasts to freeze. They all teetered out. Our second cycle we had 9 eggs, 6 were mature enough for ICSI, and 3 fertilized. The day before our scheduled transfer, we were called and informed that all 3 were "genetically abnormal" as they all had multiple nuclei. Our cycle was cancelled. Happy Anniversary to us, yes, it was cancelled on our 4th wedding anniversary.

We moved onto domestic adoption, chose our agency, and had begun fundraising to help us with the costs. We had a great turnout at our first fundraiser, and an awful turnout at the second which cost us everything we had raised the first time around. We got a letter from our fertility clinic telling us that they were merging with another major clinic in the area. After contacting them we found out that we'd pay far less to do another cycle with them than we would for adoption. Then we got more information from our insurance that actually will allow us to another full cycle with just the copay coming out of our pocket. So, this is our current plan for hopefully later this year. If it doesn't work, I think we will call our little family complete and continue to feel blessed that we have our one little boy to love.

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  1. Thanks for inviting me over! I can't believe that you have to deal with moving things over to a new blog. Maybe a fresh start will due the trick!