Wednesday, June 16, 2010

13 Weeks Post Injury-Almost!

Friday will be 13 weeks since I broke my arm. I started with physical therapy this past Friday. It was painful, but my physical therapist is great, and he pushes me to my limit when it comes to him trying to loosen up my wrist, but also gives me leeway to tell him if it's too much. I have yet to voice it and make him stop because I want to push myself to heal as quickly as possible. I've come close to begging for mercy, but I just bite my tongue and tense the rest of my body, LOL.

I spoke with my boss who is going to have me come back and do clerical work as a unit secretary. They also have a few projects in store for me to work on at the same time which is good. I love that I can go back to my unit (I don't have to get to know new people, and I'm comfortable there with the policies, how things work, etc.), and that I will be able to see my coworkers I've really missed over the last 3 months! I will be doing mostly evenings with some nights mixed in. I've enjoyed living life on a "normal" person's schedule the last 3 months, but the nightshift staff is so much more fun and laid back. Evening shift should be interesting, I'll get to work with the dayshift, and then with my favorite people too. The only drawback is living like a gypsy, lol. I'll leave work and probably go sleep at my mom's house (she is the awesome childcare provider when Archie and I both work) so that she doesn't have to get up early for Jack, and if he doesn't have school he isn't forced to get up early. The only thing I don't like about it is that of course, I sleep better in my own bed, and I don't have to worry about a barking dog (or 3) waking up my mom and Jack when I come in at midnight from work.

I should start back either later this week or definitely next week. I will know more in the morning when my boss calls. It's bittersweet. I've enjoyed the normal schedule like I mentioned earlier, but I've also enjoyed being at home with Jack this whole time. It's like a second maternity leave minus the baby, lol. I've loved being able to do what I wanted when I wanted (like doing a day trip to Ocean City this past Monday), and not having to worry about whether I'd have enough energy to do something because of working all night the night before. I've loved having a ton of free time, but I've also found myself extremely addicted to Facebook, the greatest time-suck ever. I've started an online Etsy store where I am selling onesies, burp cloths, kid's shirts that I began hand-embroidering shortly after I broke my arm. It was a creative outlet for my depression I struggled with at times, it helped distract me and relax me. If I could just sell something, that would be great, lol.

Jack had a hard time when he spent the night with my mom last Friday. Archie and I really needed a date night, and we had a great time, but Jack hadn't spent the night at my mom's house since St. Patty's day. I made the mistake of calling to say goodnight before our movie started and he was very upset that I wasn't coming to take him home. It will be hard for me to go back to work and not talk to him at bedtime. I am going to attempt to make my first night back the same routine we had before I broke my arm in the hopes that he just falls back into it. I will call that night to say goodnight and hope that he isn't upset. If he is, we will give it a week or two and try it again when he's back in the routine. After being the one to put him to bed every night with our nightly prayer, chat, and snuggle routine, I think it will be hard to just give that up. I've enjoyed that quiet time where I can get him to focus enough to just tell me what he enjoyed about his day, and hearing what he didn't like about his day. He's growing so much, and as a normal 3 year old, usually too into his toys or running around to carry on much of a conversation. I just like to hear what he thinks, what he enjoys, what he doesn't, what he did in school that day, etc. Usually bedtime is the only time I can get him to focus well enough to extract that info from him. Last night when I put Jack to bed we blew each other kisses, and he told me that the second one he blew to God. How stinking cute is that???? I will miss this.

It will be ok and we will do fine with some tweaking I'm sure.

Please pray for my wrist to continue to heal, and for the pain to lessen. Please pray for us to adjust quickly to my return to work.

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