Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Go Lucky!

That is what I'd love this blog to be. Happy Go Lucky! I swear I try to be happy when I post. But this week, I'm failing.

Our bingo is on Sunday. Perhaps this fundraiser (not our adoption) is just not meant to be. I say this for many reasons. We've had no luck with our local paper doing what they were supposed to (the editor did last week, but the girl in advertising didn't publish our ad, and this week the girl who was supposed to put it on the calendar of events didn't and never bothered to call me). Our city's paper which we ran an ad with insisted on putting it somewhere people won't see it unless they are looking to see who adopted recently. The two calls I have gotten as a result of that were just people interested in what we were doing, or wanted to sell us baskets for our bingo.

We have advertised it everywhere we could think. Craigslist, some basket bingo websites, bingo halls, people's cars in grocery store lots and bingo lots (I know, I hate flyers on my car too, but it's a good cause, and darn it I'm freaking out!). We've told everyone we know, and had it all over facebook. Do you know how many tickets we've sold???? 14. Yup, and we had 210 to sell. I am praying that we have a ton of people just show up who didn't reserve tickets. Our difference in price for reserved vs. at the door is only $2. What didn't I consider when we planned this bingo? The Raven's game. I am kicking myself. I'd love to be watching the game, we are huge fans, but I planned the bingo for 2pm, and the game is at 1pm. That's ok for us to miss it, but no offense to the rest of the football world, we are really hoping there are some football widows out there, and some non-sport people who will come. My girlfriend had a dream that she and her mom showed up thinking for sure they'd get seats since we'd only sold 14 tickets, only to find that the place was mobbed and we'd sold out. I pray that her dream comes true (and we will make seats for them!).

And I know that God won't give us more than we can handle, but to be honest, between our roof needing to be replaced and leaking, our having spent everything on this bingo because not many businesses would sponsor baskets or help fill them, and then the poor advance response to the bingo, I think I might break. We pray every night, and last night my mind was so full of this bingo stuff that I forgot until my two-year-old said to me at bedtime, "Mommy, we say our prayers?". God love that child. My mind is not clear. I am just trying to keep my head above water and get through this weekend.

Please pray that this weekend goes well and I don't lose it!!


  1. Good luck! We'll keep your fundraiser in our thoughts.

    Just stumbled upon your blog while looking for other adopting bloggers. I would love to link to you if that's okay.

  2. If I lived in your town I would come! But since I'm in California, I'll just hope and pray you get a wonderfully large mob of people showing up.

    Good luck and happy ICLW!!

  3. I really wish I could come time you plan an event try to make it on the weekend we both have off lol. I did ask around for a switch without any luck. Almost everyone in VL works C weekend. But, I would be glad to buy a ticket eventhough I can't come. I will pray that you get your huge turn out. I know what it's like to feel like God is giving you more than you can handle...I think the point of feeling that way is so you will turn to Him. Cling to Him and He will get you through a seemingly impossible situation.