Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some Good News and More Updates

We did go out on Tuesday to many businesses. Most said that they needed to speak with their owners/co-owners, or general managers, but two did make donations for our basket bingo. For that we are grateful.

We've gotten two rude letters from businesses lately, which to be completely honest makes me nervous to go to the post office and pick up any other mail. I think I may open up the mail and if they look like not nice letters, just trash them and move on. Our cause hasn't been well received this time around surprisingly, but I guess that people who haven't been there just don't have any idea. I'd prefer if this disagreed with what we are doing that they just throw our letters in the trash and go about their day rather then saying something hurtful.

We've got themes for the baskets going, and most of the items bought to go in the purses! Things are coming along nicely. The Longaberger rep we are working with asked us to email her a copy of our flyer and she will forward it on to others, so that's exciting! We're hoping to get more interest through her, as well as posting them at work, and giving some to the auxilary at Elkridge VFD to put out at a bingo they have coming up. We've already posted an ad on Craigslist, as well as a few basket bingo websites, and we put an ad in our city's newspaper. We're waiting to hear back from another local paper about advertising with them as well. It's only a little more than a month away now! We're starting to get excited, slightly nervous, but mostly excited!!!!


  1. i think it is going to be an amazing event! I think you will have to focus on the positive rather than those few negative comments. You will always find people who disagree with your point of view, etc. I just wish like you said, that they had thrown your letter away without responding in the negative and hurtful way that they did.

  2. I know, and most people at least in person support me. I knew there would be some who would have the opinion that they do, but I never thought they'd be so hurtful about it.