Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reassuring Update From the Fabulous Dr. A

I tried calling my OB's office yesterday, but all day long it was the answering service. Guess they took an extra long holiday weekend! But I did finally get through after lunch today and left a message with Dr. A's secretary. In case I haven't mentioned enough how much I love my OB (seriously, I couldn't wait to be pregnant and one of the reasons was so I could go see this woman every couple of weeks), I really do. She is always perky and upbeat, even when you're sitting there feeling like you might just puke on her shoes. She'll even tell you her own stories from when she was pregnant in the hopes of making you feel better. In true fashion she didn't let me down today.

She just called me back, and I explained that I hadn't taken my morning dose of progesterone on Friday because I knew I was having an exam and swabs done (I'm late on my annual exam), and didn't want it to interfere with that, so I had held off, only to crash when I got home from being up for 22 hours, and forgetting to take my evening dose. I explained that Saturday morning I had heavier spotting which did lighten up throughout the day after taking my progesterone. I wanted to know how much spotting I should expect after I finish the progesterone next Tuesday, and at what point I should be concerned enough to call. She told me that since Dr. M had seen a spot on ultrasound that he thought might be where the spotting was coming from it was probably a subchorionic bleed, and that that clot was going to have to leak as it liquified and come out one way or another, and that honestly the missing the progesterone on Friday and spotting that ensued was probably just a fluke because the clot has to dissolve and come out anyway. She said that the progesterone takes over between 8 and 10 weeks, so the progesterone I'm taking now (or lack thereof, I should say) isn't what caused the spotting, it's probably just this clot dissolving.

As far as when I should be concerned-if it's red bleeding like a period, then I need to be seen for sure. She said she's there Monday to Friday and if I need a sanity check, she'd be happy to do that for me. She said she scanned herself every Monday when she was pregnant with the girls until she could feel them move, and she'd be happy to do that for me if I need some reassurance. She said we've invested so much in getting pregnant, that she has no problem doing that if we need/want it. Have I mentioned that I LOVE this woman? She said the spotting (brown) may continue until the clot resolves, and I shouldn't worry about that, but could always get checked if I was concerned. I wish Dr. M had said to me, "you're going to spot off and on until this thing resolves but it's not worrisome unless you've got bleeding like a period." I would have worried still, but wouldn't have freaked out and gotten myself worked up everytime I saw it.

In other news, it's Wednesday. I was supposed to get an IV placed today by another nurse (mine is working), but after no calls, no visits at noon I called the agency at which point they called the nurse who was supposed to come out and she left me a message at 12:30. I called her back, got her voicemail, and told her not to bother because I asked for an early morning appointment since I have to work tonight, and at that point if she came out, got the IV in successfully, I wouldn't have enough time to run the fluids before I needed to get ready for work tonight. My nurse called me back from work this afternoon and the other nurse said she'd left me a message at 8:30 this morning which I told her wasn't true because #1-I was up at 8:30 and none of my phones rang, and #2-when I woke up at noon to pee, and checked my voicemail and phone for missed calls, there weren't any.

My nurse is coming to start my IV tomorrow morning and I'll just run fluids tomorrow myself (guess no getting in the pool for me AGAIN on my day off), and I'll run them again probably Friday afternoon (ultrasound in the morning and lunch plans with a friend I haven't seen in a few months!). I also won't be making it to the pool this weekend since I have to work, and again Monday since I'll have another IV! Oh well. Maybe if I can get my nurse to come really early Wednesday morning to put in another, I can take the one on Monday out after the fluids and actually enjoy my day by making my Jack happy by going to the pool and getting in (not dangling my feet in the water). And I'm off Tuesday (although signed up for OT), so I might get two days out of it. Wednesday I have to be at the Totswap consignment sale by 10am, so I'd have to have the IV put in early, or just bite the bullet, skip swimming and keep the IV in from Monday so I can run fluids in the afternoon. We'll see, play it by ear, but make a tentative plan with my nurse. Wish me good vein luck for tomorrow's IV please!!! Really hard to act like it doesn't hurt in front of your 4 year old who likes to watch!


  1. Hope things go smoothly for you on the IV front. It sucks having crappy veins!

  2. First of all, I am glad that missing the progesterone did not lead to any scary thing, except that bleeding.

    Also, I hope things get better for you on the IV front.

    Take Care!

  3. That is so awesome that your doc offered to give you extra ultrasounds...I had extra toward the end to check growth, but I wish I had them at the beginning definitely helped me worry less for a few days at least.