Thursday, October 14, 2010

SA preliminary results

"The Man" has said I can post results from yesterday's SA on the blog but not on Facebook. Facebook was never an issue because I don't want everyone from work knowing what we're doing anyway, not to mention probably only 8 of my "friends" on facebook (some of those 8 include family members who know what we're doing) actually have a clue what's going on with us at this point IVF-wise anyway.

It was the best SA (semen analysis) results we've ever had!!! We don't have alot of specifics yet except for on morphology and count, and both were better than ever before so this is really encouraging on "The Man's" end. For reference, our last SA before last year's cycle included a sperm count of 9 million (as opposed to 3 million when we did our first IVF cycle 4 years ago); and normal morphology was less than 1% previously. Yesterday we had 14 million sperm and 6% with normal morphology.

I am still having trouble accepting that I have this hydrosalpinx which could be a big part of what has prevented us from ever getting pregnant in the first place. And for all I know whatever MFI issues we had previously are slowly resolving and then our lack of pregnancy would be all my own body's fault. Ain't that a kick in the mouth? Jack must have been one determined embryo from the start to stick in there at all and for almost 38 weeks!

I hope to have more info on results on Monday.


  1. Jen- That is so exciting that the SA results are better than ever! I know what you mean about feeling like its all your own body's fault...but, you can't think of it that way. It is easier to overcome one problem than many! I am continuing to pray for you guys.

  2. fantastic news! reason to celebrate and praise!

  3. Jen, congrats on the awesome SA!! :) That is really good news, and it sounds like it's a good time to do the cycle! I'm sorry about the hydro situation. I guess I'm still a bit confused about how the problem in the tube can really affect the implanting embryo that much. So, the leaking fluid goes directly into the uterus? And if it happens to be in the area of the implanting embryo then it makes it more difficult? I'm so sorry that it reduces your chances. BUT, you're right that Jack is evidence that you and your little embryos can still DO IT!! :)