Thursday, October 21, 2010

Impatient Me

This is a flower called Impatiens, which is much prettier than my Type A personality and the trait that I exhibit called impatience. I called Dr. A's office yesterday to try and get a consult or whatever scheduled for this hydrosalpinx to be removed and they requested that I have Dr. M's office send over the HSG report. I called Dr. M's office and the nurse told me that when the radiology office sends it up to them they will send it over. I told her that the results were in our hospital-wide computer system and she said she has to wait for radiology to send it. Yeah, I'm not patient enough for "whenever" that may be. So I came into work tonight, promptly printed it out and faxed it over myself with the explanation of why I was faxing it (to get this hydro removed ASAP so we can proceed with our cycle), and Dr. M's number in case they need to contact him. I figure, it's my health info, it's not like the results haven't been discussed with me, and damn it, someone needs to be on the ball. So what if that someone just happens to be me?! Mrs. Impatient! :)

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  1. haha...just as long as they don't find out you looked at your own chart...I never did understand why we weren't allowed to do that. Glad to hear you will be getting it taken care of soon.