Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jack's 3rd Birthday

So I did some posts to reflect on that time 3 years ago where we were anxiously awaiting Jack's arrival on this earth. I thought it was only fitting then that I post about his birthday this year.

Friday was his birthday, and when I called him at my mom's house that morning, he made me burst out with laughter. He had spent the night with her as he does when both Archie and I are working. I called to tell him "Happy Birthday" and usually when I call to talk to him, he answers "Hi Mommy". So, I was fully expecting that little voice to say the norm to me, but when he answered he said, "It's my birthday party!!!!". I couldn't help but laugh. That little boy is always surprising me. I told him that the next day was his party, but that it was definitely his birthday! He got to open one present from my mom before they rode into work, it was a blue flashlight. His best friend has a blue flashlight, and Jack kept telling us that he "needed" a blue flashlight. He was rather pleased. We had a pretty quiet day at home, and in the evening had my mom, and my mother-in-law over for cake and ice cream. Then we got into the car and went to Symphony of Lights where it is larger than life light displays that you drive by and through. Jack really seemed to enjoy that as well.

Saturday morning my mom picked up Jack and took him to a Christmas festival of sorts. They had crafts for the kids to do, as well as gifts for them to buy for their parents. My mom brought home a gingerbread house that they made, many other little crafts, and two gifts that Jack went in and picked out himself with the help of the teachers at the school where it was held. Then we went to pick up his birthday cake (Lightning McQueen as requested), and went to his pool party. Archie was sick and didn't want to get in the pool with Jack, and I needed to set up the party room, but my father-in-law took Jack into the pool with his friends. They all had a good time. All of his friends wanted to help him open his gifts (and play with them no less), and he didn't seem to get too upset about that which was good. Needless to say, but when we got home, I had to unpack all of the toys he got at his party so he could check out and play with each and every one of them.

I will leave you with some pictures.

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