Sunday, October 4, 2009


is exactly what we're doing. I am waiting to hear from my urologist. Not necessarily about the question of trying to do IVF again and what we would do if I wanted to do that which would require me to stop whatever medication I happen to be on at that time for my cystinuria. But I will ask that question as well.

I had an appointment with him two weeks or so ago to discuss results of my latest test, and he has since been playing phone tag with "the guru". There is a guru at the lab where I my 24 hour urine test goes. There aren't really any other urologists who specialize in cystinuria because it is rare and there isn't enough of a demand/need for specialists. Which is great for people like me who have this condition because it's not widely understood how to manage or treat it. Anyway, I have other questions for him, but while I have him on the phone I will ask about the IVF stuff. He will probably think I have lost it since I am even considering it again. This is the doc who I spoke with shortly after our last cycle failed where I was damn near hysterics crying on the phone. This is the doctor who told me about his family's multiple IVF attempts and eventual adoption of their second child (they also did IVF to conceive their first), which then led us to reconsider adoption. Yeah, he's going to think I'm a fruit loop. Oh well... :)

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  1. I hope you hear back from your doctor about the guru's thoughts on your test results soon! You have a big decision in front of you, but I hope that you will soon be able to see with certainty what is best for you and your family. Thinking of you.