Saturday, June 20, 2009

A few surprises

We've been blessed to have a few surprises this week. We are lucky to be surrounded by incredible people who are so supportive of us.

Earlier this week my mom told me that she'd gotten an email from one of her friends and her friend had told her that she not only had a van full of stuff for us to sell at our yard sale, but also was going to stay and help us for the first few hours of our fundraiser. Thanks Ms. Tricia! We really appreciate it!

Then later on this week, one of the respiratory therapists who works on dayshift stopped me in the hall as I was leaving to tell me that her daughter was going off to college and that she had clothes to donate to our yard sale, and that she had a lot of change sitting around at home, so she'd take several of our "bottles of love" home as well to gather the change for us. I rarely talk to this therapist because they come on as we're leaving, so we just don't cross paths often, but I thought that was so sweet that she thought of us. Thanks Francine!

Then I came into work tonight and one of my coworkers gave me a grocery bag and said it had some stuff in it for our silent auction. I said thank you, got my assigment, got report on my patients, and then stopped over to see what was in the bag. Now understand that this coworker has extreme talent and makes beautiful things as gifts for people when they have new babies, etc., and I even asked her recently to make one as a gift for one of my girlfriend's for her baby shower. She knitted a beautiful sweater, and included a bear with the same sweater for our silent auction. She made one for Jack when he was born, and I believe that this spring will be the last he will wear it because he has finally outgrown it, but I will save it for our next child because it has held up and is still beautiful. So to sum it up, it is a beautiful sweater, very well made, and she said it is supposed to be a size 4 (her sweaters do run slightly bigger than the size it is meant for), and I will post pictures on this blog as soon as I can. I love it, thanks Joanne!! Someone better bid on it because I'd hate to have to do it so Jack could have another sweater, LOL.

And thank you to all of the people in the area who have bought raffle tickets, taken home our "bottles of love", donated for the yard sale, or are coming to help us. We truly appreciate all of the support.

As a side note, I realize that the pictures I posted of my mom's living room full of silent auction items did not come through. I have no idea why and am working on resolving that issue so that I can post pictures. Hopefully I will have this resolved by the end of the weekend.

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