Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ellicott City Donors so far

Well, we walked around Ellicott City for a couple of hours this morning. Most of the shops were closed initially because we got there too early not realizing that many of the shops weren't open until late morning. We just walked around to the businesses that were open early and stopped by the other businesses later in the morning. We did distribute flyers and letters to many of the businesses in the hopes that the owners or partners would contact us and offer some assitance for the silent auction.

The following businesses agreed to contribute to our cause, or did today do just that:

A Journey from Junk-Kelli donated 3 handmade baby onesies and a cute door sign for baby's room. They are located on Main Street in Ellicott City and sell vintage inspired furniture, home decor, jewelry and gifts. Very cute shop!

Mon Amie-Debbie is getting together some items and a purse for us to auction. This is a cute little boutique which carries women's accessories, and they are located on Old Columbia Pike in Ellicott City.

Su Casa-donated a $20 gift certificate, and I missed the man's name with whom we spoke. But he didn't think twice, and the shop was one I fell in love with immediately. We only saw the first floor, but they have The Corduroy Button (children's stuff-love it!), as well as home furnishings which I also loved. They are located on Main Street as well.

Wreath and Basket-donated a decorative flag. It's really cute and the shop is adorable. I also missed the owner's name on this one, but she was very easy to talk to and we shared some stories. They sell creative gifts and custom decorations. They had a lot of dog stuff, and we all know my family loves animals! They are also located on Main Street.

I also spoke with an old high school friend who manages a pharmacy in Catonsville that also happens to sell wine, and he does wine tastings, etc. He has agreed to donate a couple of bottles of wine for us to auction. I'm not sure yet how he would like to be listed on here, so when I pick up the wine today, I will post it here. Thanks Matt!
A big thanks to all of you who contributed for our event!!!


  1. It is so amazing and gratifying to know that there are so many kind and generous souls out there willing to donate to this very important endeavor- even during these tough economic times. We can't thank them enough
    Robin Hill

  2. Wow... that's great, Jen! You guys are really on a roll!!